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Fire Fighting

We are a leading manufacturer in supplying spare parts and radio switches used in most offshore and coastal vessels. We also offer overhaul services for the main engines on small boats. Just reach out to us and let us know what services you need out of these.



In addition to leisure boats, we also design and build ships used by coastal militia. Our company is certified to repair and build fiber optics and fiberglass boats required by the military groups at the coast. We also provide the technical and marine services required by Coast Guards. And for those who love sporting, we build speed boats to give you the experience of a kind.

Coast Guard

Al Mohallab Marine is one of the local companies in Kuwait certified to do all the repairs for ships used by the military navy. We fix and surface outboard and inboard engines as we deploy tech savvy personnel to do the calibration needed to set up naval boats that are in operation.

Research Boats

Al Mohallab Marine has worked together with research institutes for quite some time to make every study successful. Through our skills and expertise, we design and craft high-end research boats that meet the modern demands of researchers. On top of this, we also provide repair and maintenance services for research departments offshore and coastal vessels.


Mrine Survey Boats

At Al Mohallab Marine, we also take part in marine survey by building modern survey vessels equipped with high-end tools to make every study successful. Whether you need a marina to study general oceanography, hydrography, or marine habits, we have what it takes to create a vessel that meets your specific requirement.

Ambulance Boats

We understand the need to take care of offshore emergencies promptly. As such, in compliance with the Ministry of Health, we’ve designed ambulance boats for rescue in the islands of Kuwait. The ambulance boat has been under maintenance by experts at Al Mohallab Marine and has been upgraded with modern equipment necessary to take care of emergencies.

Fishery Dept and Kuwait port Authorities

As we build leisure boats to give our customers a memorable experience at the sea, we also design and craft high-end vessels for fishing. In 2006, the Kuwait Government Fishery Department and Kuwait Port Authorities authorized Al Mohallab Marine to develop six types of energy-saving fishing boats that are currently in use. The boats are not only durable but also with every equipment needed for successful fishing.

Kuwait Port authority

Al Mohallab Marine is a certified local company that provides all kinds of maintenance services for inboard and outboard engines ranging from 75 to 200 hp, including other mechanical parts of marine vessels. In addition to this, we also offer electronic goods and technicians to fix the equipment on the go.

KOC ( Kuwait Oil Company )

Al Mohallab Marine is registered with Kuwait Oil Company and not do we supply fibergalss boats but also offer maintenance services for onboard and outboard engines for fiberglass boats. In addition to this, we also provide luxury boats ranging from 48 to 52 feet.