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About Us

Engineering, building & providing the best marine power in Kuwait. Since 1995

Who We Are

We understand why you love being on the water.

We’ve been in the business of designing and building powerful marinas in Kuwait for more than 15 years. Over the period, we’ve brought together a team of ship design and manufacturing professionals who are good at what they do. We not only manufacture luxury marinas but also fishing boats for those who would love to go beyond the fun.

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What We Do

We use high-quality materials to build our boats to ensure they serve you for a longer time. From the design stage to delivery, we employ cutting edge software to create marinas that meet the modern demands of our customers.

Al Mohalab Marine produces all types of fishing boats, passenger boats, patrol boats, and every kind of marina tailored to your needs. Apart from designing and building the ships we also offer professional guidance to our customers to help them choose the right boat for their marine adventure.

As we meet the boating demands of the domestic market, we go far and wide to provide our high quality products across the globe.

Message From the chairman

Al Mohalab Marine aims at designing and developing coastal and offshore vessels with advanced materials and energy-saving technology to advance ship manufacturing in Kuwait. So far, we’ve built more than 2400 ships distributed in different parts of the world as we serve both local and international customers.

Our company has been in operation for more than 10 years, delivering high quality products across Kuwait, Bahrain Qatar, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Sultan Oman, and different parts of the world.

We endeavor to maintain high quality standards of manufacturing from the design stage to delivery. Our company has invested heavily in top-notch boat design software to ensure our customers get high-quality products. We go far and wide to rise above possible mistakes and manual negligence that may occur during the manufacturing process.

Our marinas are not only durable but also beautifully-designed to give you a boating experience of a kind. Our products are certified by the Kuwait government as well as international agencies such as Lloyds and ABC survey company of Shipping. So far we’ve built and designed several marinas with  Lloyd’s and DNV Classification.

Al Mohallab is certified by Kuwait and GCC coast guard. In 2006, under the Kuwait Government Fishery Dept and Kuwait port Authorities we developed six types of high-end energy saving fishing vessels from 10’’ to 48“. We’ve invested time and effort to master the latest skills to fortify the quality of our products.

Our 5000 square meter shipyard building with boat manufacturing equipment includes an extensive lamination and construction area, carpentry and joinery workshop, on-site launching system, and commissioning docks. So far we have 40 skilled technicians and workers onboard to ensure we always have enough trained workforce to meet our clients’ standards.

We Deliver Exceptional Services To Our Customers

Al Mohallab Marine endeavors to be a renowned actor in the sale and purchase of high-quality marine vessels, new boat design and constructions, charter and management of the finest yachts in the state of Kuwait & Gulf cooperation console GCC, as we seek to expand our activities.


Our mission is to offer high quality products to our customers, whether you’re seeking to buy a new marina or get one built from scratch. In addition to this, our experts are available to manage your luxury yacht in case you need this type of service. We continue to adapt new ship designs into our manufacturing process to meet the rising needs of modern boating.


Our aim is to be the leading ship manufacturer both in Kuwait and the world at large, providing professionally-built marinas to give our clients yachting experience of a kind. We endeavor to apply our knowledge and skills in every aspect of boating to guide our clients and be part of their success journey.